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  What in the world is this all about?!

  Back on May 7, 2008 when the first Jimmy Ogle Talks & Tours was "walked" - The Great Union Avenue Manhole Cover & History Tour - I was walking back to my car and noticed that one of the pink shutters had fallen off of the the building at 60 South Front Street known as Prince Mongo's Planet. I have always had a habit of picking up debris from sidewalks and public places in Downtown and along the riverfront, so I felt it my personal obligation to remove this fallen shutter.

  While retrieving the various pink slats from the common area of a sidewalk that had scattered about when it hit the ground, the idea came to me that I could "Go Green" and "re-gift" these amazing pieces of Memphis History that include the DNA of both Cotton Row and the legendary Prince Mongo.

  At that moment, I realized that I could recognize the folks that "are on that wall" every day for Memphis History, or Downtown, or the Riverfront or maybe (most importantly) are an "FOJ" (Friend Of Jimmy)! I then created my own personal award to acknowledge the efforts of every day Memphians, both in the forefront and behind the scenes, of making Memphis what and who it is today.

So far, as of March 14, 2019, these are the recipients of The Jimmy O Pink Slat Award . . .

1 - Lee Busby
2 - Kevin Kane
3 - John Oros
4 - Carol Perel
5 - John Moore
6 - Leslie Gower
7 - Bill Patton
8 - Heather Koury
9 - Ramona Rogers
10 - Kim McCollum
11 - Jody Schmidt
12 - Jody Vance
13 - Terre Gorham
14 - Bob Salley
15 - Martin Norris
16 - Susie Salley
17 - Ann Shaw
18 - Alan Grossman
19 - James Cochran
20 - Trey Giuntini
21 - Alisa Bradley
22 - Willy Bearden



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